How to Build a Futsal Pitch System?

How to Build a Futsal Pitch System?


Futsal is taking the sports world by storm as this compact version of the football system has become one of the fastest-growing sports. So do you know how to build it? Read on to learn more.

How to Build a Futsal Pitch System?
Football Field System
Futsal is taking the entertainment world by storm as this compact version of the traditional football system becomes one of the fastest-growing sports.

This fast-moving game is played with five players and played indoors or outdoors on a hard court. Futsal was born when inner-city football lovers took to the empty tennis and basketball courts to enjoy their favorite sport and is now enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.

Some enthusiasts refer to the sport as "futsal", "fast football" or "mini-football", but its official name is "fussy". The name comes from the Spanish fútbol de salón, or "indoor football," but this lively sport doesn't have to be played indoors.

Benefits of 5V5 Football Field System.

Because this sport is a very skill-based sport that requires quick reactions, quick thinking, and precise passing, it is an exciting sport for both children and adults. The game is very economical and safe, and the gameplay is simple and fun. Precise ball control, technical ability, agility, quick reflexes, and decision-making can be developed just by playing ball. Since the balls have less bounce, they tend to stay in play longer and facilitate close possession.

After playing in closed areas and learning to think and react quickly, players found that by the time they played the entire game, they reacted well under pressure. Playing in closed areas fosters creativity; players are also often faced with demanding decision-making situations within closed areas, which is the main reason Futsal is one of the best teachers of quick passing and movement. In football, it's difficult to defend a team that's good at this style of play. The beautiful game of football was developed through futsal.

Futsal Pitch System Fits Almost Anywhere

One of the most popular aspects of futsal is that the pitch is much more practical than a full-sized football field.

Most parks, schools and community centers don't have the space or financial resources to build full soccer fields. However, a futsal court can accommodate anything a basketball court or tennis court can accommodate.

Standard futsal pitches are flexible in size, ranging from 15-25m x 25-42m, or approximately 16-27yds x 27-45yds. Due to its modest size, a futsal pitch can be placed almost anywhere you can think of.

On average, a futsal pitch costs only about 10% of the price of an entire football pitch.

Indoor Futsal Field System Construction

Indoor courts are ideal for home installations as well as community centres, schools, parks and sports clubs.

Indoor courts allow you and your family or friends to enjoy a quick game of futsal no matter the weather or time of day.

In a controlled environment, courts can be built with wood or synthetic surfaces. Wooden futsal pitches are highly regarded for their low impact and comfort on the body. Today's synthetic surfaces are equally conducive to play, maximizing performance, comfort and safety.

Building the court indoors means little maintenance is required. Just follow our cleaning and maintenance instructions and your court surface will provide your family with years of healthy fun.

Outdoor Futsal Field Installation

Building an outdoor futsal court is simple and straightforward. Since the site is relatively flat, the course is designed with a slight slope (<1%) to facilitate drainage. For most installations, no special site drainage is required.

Outdoor mini soccer fields require little maintenance even with frequent use. The surface is designed to maximize player comfort and safety in all weather conditions. And, as long as you properly maintain your court surface, the need for repairs or resurfacing is minimal.

In fact, many homeowners have begun converting their old, unused basketball or tennis courts into outdoor mini soccer fields.

Things to Consider When Building a Futsal Pitch

When building a futsal pitch, there are several important factors to consider to ensure it meets the necessary standards and provides a safe and enjoyable playing experience. Here are some key things to note:

Location: Choose a location that is accessible to players and spectators. Consider factors such as proximity to public transport, parking facilities, and local communities.

Size and Dimensions: Futsal pitches are smaller than traditional football pitches. The standard dimensions of a futsal court are approximately 25 meters (82 feet) long and 16 meters (52 feet) wide. For outdoor venues, these dimensions may vary, but international standards should be adhered to if possible.

Surface: The playing surface should be smooth, flat, and even. Futsal courts usually have a hard surface made of wood, synthetic material, or rubber. Outdoor courts can be made of artificial turf or other suitable materials.

Boundary Lines: Clearly mark boundary lines with white paint or appropriate markers. A futsal pitch has side lines (sidelines) and goal lines (end lines), as well as a penalty area, center circle, and goal area.

Goals: Install futsal goals that are the correct size and meet safety standards. Futsal goals are smaller than traditional football goals, typically 3 meters (10 ft) wide and 2 meters (6.6 ft) high.

Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for indoor futsal courts to ensure visibility and safety during play. For outdoor courts, consider lighting for evening games.

Fences and Netting: Install suitable fencing or netting around the court to prevent the ball from leaving the playing area and ensure the safety of spectators.

Rules and Regulations: Be familiar with the futsal rules and regulations set by organizations such as FIFA and local governing bodies. Make sure your pitch complies with these rules.

Artificial Futsal Pitch Care Tips to Ensure Longevity

We understand that you have made a substantial investment in your futsal pitch, so it is important to know how to make your investment last.
Build Your Futsal Pitch

- Ensure a good quality foundation

- Resilient layers/shock pads should only be installed when using long-pile synthetic grass

- Use long-pile synthetic grass, preferably 50mm or larger, with proven quality tuft locking properties (the "grass" tufts must be difficult to pull out of the base fabric)

- Verify that the best installation techniques are used, including additional glue to ensure that the seam tape adheres to the carpet backing and not just the synthetic grass seam backing. Quality installers will use a trowel with a deeper notch. Before installing, test to make sure the grass fibers are well-locked into the carpet backing and the glue is holding well.

- Most artificial grass futsal pitches have a mixture of sand and rubber granules filled in between the blades of grass. In a sand/rubber mix, it is important that the sand in the infill is heavy as the heavier sand provides ballast to protect the field ensuring better protection of the grass.
Futsal Pitch
Perform Regular Maintenance

Record the usage time of the venue and provide corresponding maintenance;

- Keep the court free of debris such as leaves, grass clippings, chewing gum, and player trash;

- Brush the surface regularly (twice a week) to erect the piles and fill the levels evenly;

- Daily padding of high-wear areas such as penalty spots and goal gates;

- Keep fill volume to the recommended upper limit. At SYSTURF, we recommend that you budget for a substantial fill-in in year 3;

To learn more about the maintenance of artificial turf in football fields, feel free to browse our artificial football turf field maintenance guide.

In Conclusion

All in all, the construction of the futsal pitch was a satisfying project that not only provided space for sports enthusiasts but also promoted community participation and healthy lifestyles. By carefully following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a high-quality futsal pitch that players of all ages and skill levels will enjoy.

Remember, there are many benefits to playing futsal, including skill development, improved fitness, and teamwork. It is a sport that promotes camaraderie and healthy competition among participants.

Whether you are planning to build a futsal pitch for your community, school, or organization, the key is proper planning and execution. Regular maintenance and security measures are critical to ensuring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone involved.

So go ahead and start your futsal pitch construction journey and witness the joy and excitement it brings to your community. Contact us to learn more about futsal pitch systems. As a professional customized football field system manufacturer, SYSTURF can provide overall solutions for sports venues.

SYSTURF As a specialist custom football pitch systems manufacturer, our football pitch systems offer numerous benefits that make them the first choice for sports enthusiasts and facility managers alike. SYSTURF football pitch systems are designed to withstand the rigors of intense football matches, providing a long-lasting playing surface that can withstand heavy foot traffic, adverse weather conditions, and constant wear and tear. This durability means significant cost savings over time, as maintenance and replacement costs are significantly reduced. With SYSTURF, you can rely on a football stadium that remains in top-notch condition all year round, ensuring players have a safe and enjoyable playing experience.

Additionally, SYSTURF takes player safety and performance very seriously. The football field system combines advanced shock-absorbing technology with superior traction properties to reduce the risk of injuries from slips and falls. This not only safeguards the health of the athletes but also enhances their performance by providing a stable and consistent playing surface.

SYSTURF's football pitch systems are environmentally friendly and designed to minimize environmental impact through responsible manufacturing and installation processes. Choosing SYSTURF means choosing a sustainable and high-quality football pitch system that prioritizes safety, performance, and longevity. We can not only provide football field customization services for football fields, but also provide overall solutions from design, product production, logistics, transportation, and after-sales training for tennis courts, golf courses, and hockey fields.
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