Futsal Pitch Size and Dimensions

Futsal Pitch Size and Dimensions


Do you fully understand what this sport called futsal is all about? In this article, we'll take a closer look at aspects like size, surface, and markings of futsal pitches.

Futsal Pitch Size and Dimensions
futsal pitch size
Futsal's popularity is not hidden from the world, as it is one of the few sports that has gradually gained fans and spread across the globe. Even the most popular athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo cannot resist the temptation to enjoy and play this mini version of football. Even though it is so popular and one of the most enjoyable sports; do fans fully understand what this sport called futsal is all about? What’s more important is its pitch size, length markings, etc.

Futsal is popular with world-renowned athletes because it allows players to develop strong touch and control, as shorter spaces help them be more accurate, alert, and in control of their actions. Additionally, it allows them to improve their passing skills without wasting more energy than on a football field or sports field.

Initially, it was held in Spanish football centers, other European countries, and South America. But now, it is becoming more and more popular across the globe as the number of countries practicing the sport continues to increase. Even England is setting up futsal academies and making them a mandatory part of training players.

In this article, we'll delve into the intricate details of a futsal pitch, exploring its dimensions, surfaces, markings, and other key aspects that make it unique.

What Is a Futsal Field?

You can't understand a futsal field without knowing the word futsal. Futsal is derived from the Spanish word "futbol sala" or "futbol de Salon", which in English can be understood as indoor football.

So, it's not that they didn't get the football field, it's that the sport was consciously designed to help the athletes. Futsal pitches are technically designed to allow athletes to play football in a smaller area to improve their performance.

The court is designed in a rectangular shape and is equipped with relevant signs, allowing athletes to spend an exciting 20 minutes. However, setting up the right setup and running the sport smoothly is a bit challenging.

There are different aspects of futsal pitch design which will be covered under their relevant headings.

Futsal Field Surface

There are two key factors that make futsal so popular among top athletes: touch and control. To ensure that players are able to achieve these goals, the design of the futsal field must be planned and created as this will give the players greater control while playing.

Futsal pitches often use synthetic surfaces, given that natural grass will not grow indoors. We provide artificial football turf for futsal.

All of our outdoor artificial football turf is also suitable for indoor futsal. In fact, these lawns tend to have a longer lifespan when used indoors due to favorable weather conditions (free of rain and UV exposure).

As mentioned before, our football turf is perfect for futsal pitches. Specifically, we highly recommend professional non-infill football grass for futsal. This high-performance surface requires minimal maintenance and can be installed quickly and easily.
The Most Suitable SYSTURF Artificial Turf for Designing Futsal Fields

Include items related to artificial turf in the estimate for futsal field design because:

- It has excellent playing fluidity

- It allows ideal ball bounce and slide

- It provides optimal foot grip and torque during games and training

In addition, it has economic advantages:

- Requires little maintenance thus saving on irrigation costs

- It ensures that the site can be used all year round, even after inclement weather, as the drainage system under the lawn avoids pooling of water on the surface

- It is extremely resistant to continuous treading, bad weather, and UV rays.

What Types of Artificial Turf Do We Recommend?

SYSTURF high-quality non-infilled soccer grass is our most recommended turf when designing futsal pitches. It is an artificial turf certified by many national and international sports federations. Its characteristics are:

- Very durable smooth yarn with high elastic memory

- The fibers are elongated and diamond-shaped, ensuring that they return to their vertical position immediately after being stepped on

- Softness prevents wear and tear if an athlete falls or slips

- Three shades of green recreate the effect of natural lawn

- It is characterized by extreme softness, which greatly reduces the wear coefficient.
Artificial Turf
What Are the Dimensions of a Futsal Field?

As we have already said, futsal is played with a smaller number of players and a smaller ball. Therefore, futsal pitches are also smaller in size.

Here you can find the main information:

- The length of the international competition venue is 38~42m and the width is 20~25m. The length of other competition venues is 25~42m and the width is 16~25m.

- Generally speaking, a standard futsal field should be 40m×20m;

- Since this sport is played indoors, ceilings must also be considered, which must be at least 4 meters;

- Finally, regarding the penalty area, it must be within 6 meters of the goalpost radius.

In addition to size, it is also important to consider the quality of the futsal pitch, as it is important to play on a turf that guarantees excellent playing performance.
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Futsal Pitch Markings, Fencing and Lighting

The course is decorated with several key markers, each serving a different purpose. The penalty area, often referred to as the D-zone, is similar to the penalty area in football and is the center of foul play within its boundaries. Within this area is the goal area, a smaller rectangle where the goalkeeper can use his hands. The center circle is a familiar sight to fans of the sport, marking the start of the game and the kick-off location after a goal is scored.

In addition, futsal's flexibility in terms of player substitutions is facilitated by dedicated subs areas, which are strategically placed to allow for seamless transitions in and out of play. All these marks together form a canvas where futsal's intricate dance unfolds, where precision, strategy and creativity find their stage. Beyond the boundaries, the walls surrounding the pitch make the sport of futsal different from the sport of outdoor football. It's worth noting that these walls are functioning, meaning the ball can bounce off them during play. This dynamic element adds a layer of unpredictability and excitement to the sport, requiring faster reactions and adaptability from athletes.

Finally, in the world of futsal, adequate lighting and ventilation are crucial to ensuring optimal playing conditions. Proper lighting eliminates shadows and ensures players have a clear view of the ball, while effective ventilation maintains comfortable temperatures during the heat of play.

Create an Extraordinary Futsal Experience with Artificial Turf

You can take your futsal game to new heights by choosing SYSTURF's football field system. Enjoy the benefits of a durable, low-maintenance surface that guarantees superior performance. Whether you are playing futsal or three-a-side football, our football field system provides the perfect solution for your football field needs. Experience the ease of installation and the joy of playing on a surface designed for optimal ball control, technique, and creativity.

Contact us today to explore our range of artificial turf options and transform your futsal pitch into a haven for exciting indoor football games.

As a professional custom football field system manufacturer, SYSTUR provides high-quality products and services to customers in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, covering Europe/North America/Latin America/Middle East/Asia, Africa, and other places.