Transportation and payment terms


What are the after-sales services of your factory?

1.Order tracking: We will take photos or videos for you in real time to explain the transportation status of the goods, so that you can always know the progress of the goods.2.Construction and installation guide: If you encounter any problems or difficulties during the construction process, you can consult our sales manager, and they will provide you with the corresponding construction guide to solve the problem for you.3.After-sales claim settlement service: If you are dissatisfied with the use of the lawn, you can put forward your suggestions or request a claim settlement, and we will negotiate with you and take corresponding solutions according to different situations.

What are the pre-sale services of your factory?

1.Product consultation: Customers can consult detailed information about artificial turf products, including different types and specifications of turf, product characteristics suitable for different uses and environments, etc.2.Customized samples: If customers have special needs for turf, the factory can provide samples of customized artificial turf for customers to evaluate the quality and appearance, so that customers can make wise purchase decisions.3.The whole system solution: We will create a solution that is most suitable for you according to the purpose and budget of the system, such as the choice of lawn type, site map design, accessories and facilities required for the whole system.

What are the payment terms for buying artificial turf?

Our usual payment term is T/T 30% deposit in advance, the 70% balance to be fullfilled before shipment.

What is the transportation method of artificial turf?

1. Sea freight: Sea freight is the most commonly used method of international cargo transportation. Artificial turf is usually shipped in the form of containers, you can choose FCL or LCL, and choose the appropriate shipping service according to the volume and destination.2. Air freight: For urgent selection or small quantity order, air freight is available. Shipping artificial turf by freight forwarding allows quick destination selection, but is relatively expensive.

How much does artificial turf cost?

The price of artificial turf can be affected by a variety of factors, including product type, size, quality, and more. You can contact our sales manager and provide your specific needs to get a customized quotation.

Is artificial turf suitable for pets?

Yes, artificial turf is generally suitable for pets. They have a hard-wearing surface that's easy to clean, and pet waste cleans up easily. In addition, artificial turf is also resistant to pet occupation and some common pet damage.

Is artificial turf environmentally friendly?

Artificial turf is usually made of recycled materials, such as a variety or varieties. They require less water and use less chemical fertilizers and pesticides than natural lawns. In addition, the consumption of artificial turf reduces the consumption of natural resources.

Does artificial turf need maintenance?

Artificial turf requires less maintenance than natural turf. They require no pruning, watering or fertilizing. Only a few routine maintenance activities are required including cleaning and removing weeds or litter. Specific maintenance requirements will vary depending on product type and usage.

How many years is the warranty of artificial turf?

The warranty of artificial turf usually depends on several factors, such as the environment, frequency and method of use. In general, high-quality artificial turf can be used for more than 10 years, but the specific consumption will vary according to specific uses.